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About Stephen Holmes

A BRIEF HISTORY: Stephen grew up in Ballina NSW, and completed his schooling at Alstonville High School in 1994. Since that time he has gone on to pursue his love of Art and Computer in the professional field. After finishing School, Stephen went on to study Art - in particular Comic Art and Figure Drawing.

Stephen was one of four partners who started the comic magazine Australian Comics Monthly (ACM). ACM grew as a publication and through its exposure, Stephen was able to meet and learn skills from many of the biggest names in comics. The feedback he received from artists like Jim Lee, Mark Silvestri, Dale Keown (just to name a few) was pivotal in his growth as an artist.

1996 saw the birth of The Comicbook Workshop, an extension of ACM. This was a great time where Stephen, and some of the artists and writers he worked with, had the opportunity to share their skills and experiences through a series of powerful workshops.

The next few years saw Stephen working on an animated Television Commercial, as well as teaching at Schools, Universities and Private Workshops. During this time Stephen's interest in computers escalated and he begun to take a new direction, leading him into the Graphic Design & Web Development fields.

With full-time employment in the Web Development field since 1998, there has been some fantastic opportunities for Stephen to apply his design background with amazing results.

Having recently moved to sunny Brisbane in Queensland, Stephen is hoping to delve deeper into programming languages like PHP, JavaScript and C++, and put aside some time to continue his Comic Art.

HOBBIES: Tennis, comic art, video games, graphic design, marketing and general entrepreneurialism.

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